Welcome to VSOL

V SOL Pharma Private Limited is all set to launch a slew of veterinary drugs/ pharmaceuticals & feed additives to cater to the current needs of veterinarians & farming community.

With the able support of experienced veterinarians and backed by professionals  with  marketing acumen, V SOL Pharma is sure to hit the market with a bang.

Planning and effective implementation leading to achieving the desired maximum results are inevitable aspects for the growth of any commercial organization.  V SOL Pharma has a detailed systematic plan to achieve its set goal with the able support of an experienced marketing team, to be well assisted by a logistic team that has over three decades of experience.

V SOL Pharma is committed to the highest standards of performance. I am sure, the company will be able to indelibly imprint their insignia everywhere within a short span of time.

I take this opportunity to thank all our associates, who have volunteered to become a part of this new venture and I assure all of them that we will all grow together.

As for the V SOL Pharma employees, I assure them that they will surely be part of the V Sol growth roadmap and will surely be considered for larger and higher responsibilities in the immediate future, as the company steps on to the accelerated growth phase.

Guided by the doyens in the veterinary field and backed by the experience of our marketing team, I once again assure all, that V SOL Pharma will soon make a mark in the industry, leading to the betterment of all our associates and employees.